Professional RF Filter Manufacturers, Temwell Corporation Your Reliable Taiwan Partner

Temwell Group is a Taiwan RF Filter Company and Manufacturer providing cutting edge RF custom solutions in the field of Wireless Communications, they use λ/4 wavelength technology to develop all band RF Helical Band Pass Filters, moreover, they have built up over 5000 specification sheets online to demonstrating their outstanding capability.

Temwell Group provides a variety of RF filters, such as VHF bandpass filter, rf smd filter, and custom rf bandpass filter, etc. These filters are applicable in Aerospace, Satellite communication, 5G Networking, Internet of Vehicles, etc.

As a well-known worldwide expert in designing & manufacturing RF helical bandpass filters, Temwell Group is not only providing high-quality rf filter products but also dedicated to offering a better solution to meet the needs of more RF engineers and development projects around the world.

Want to Learn more information about Taiwan’s leading RF Filter Manufacturer, just feel free to contact TEMWELL Corporation now!

Temwell Corporation (Taiwan)

8F-1,No.51, Sec.1,Min Sheng E. Rd.,Taipei.Taiwan 104

  • TEL: 886-2-25652500
  • FAX: 886-2-25515250 / 886-2-25652287


Find Out Ideal Angle Head Holders? Recommend You SYIC Tool Holder Manufacturer!

Founded in 1979, SYIC has accumulated 30 years of technology and experience, specializing in research and development, design and manufacture of arbors, collets, angle head holders, boring heads, cutting tools, CNC machining parts and components. They have built the SYIC brand with their very own manufacture and sales to ensure the production and products are all rigorously controlled and tested, with every product reaching the highest quality in service to every customer at home and abroad.


To ensure every product delivered has the highest quality, besides the cutting-edge production equipment, SYIC has also introduced a variety of measurement equipment for quality assurance and improvement at all times.


SYIC products demand precision, quality and versatility. The R&D team is dedicated to innovation and has acquired many patents from around the world, catering to the changing markets.


Their dedication to research and development has brought state-of-the-art industrial components to their customers, in a very successful global marketing manner. They have consolidated the SYIC brand in the machine tool industry, and become a loyal partner of our customers with their excellent products and services.


If you are looking for high-quality angle head holders, boring heads, collet chucks, or shrink fit chucks, please do not miss Shin-Yain Industrial Co., Ltd. – they can always meet your requirements of tool holders.


Shin-Yain Industrial Co., Ltd.

No.198, Jingpu Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City 436, Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-26237575

Fax: +886-4-26237676


GRECO 2018 – ISOTHANE TPU Allowing Prospects of Eco-Friendly and Light Weight Options

In the category of TPU resins, GRECO has released products that could replace rubber used in outsoles for footwear manufacturing. “The purpose for TPU replacing traditional raw materials is to on one hand expand eco-solutions, and the other reduce processing time while improve the actual performances of the end-production” Greco explained. Other replacement includes the introduction of ISOTHANE Calendar Sries. ISOTHANE Calendar replaces PVC in making synthetic leathers. The primary advantage is that the finish would increase the abrasive resistant level as well as flame resistant capacity.


ISOTHANE 7000 Series Aliphatic Grade is another refined series that has non-yellowing features, low temperature flexibility and excellent resilience property. These new features will lead the way of numerous practical uses for TPUs, such as the protection films of automobiles.


GRECO emphasized their future development roadmap for TPU would be in polishing the R&D in expanded-TPU. The goal is to make expanded-TPU into pellets and let them expand through microcellular process, which would be applicable for injection machines to produce environmentally friendly foam TPU. Foam TPU has the resilience over 60% while it maintains flexibility in low temperature. “This product will be extremely beneficial for light-weight solutions and applications in the energy industry” GRECO indicated.


More pioneering projects are being tested between GRECO and their customers. In 2017 GRECO explored new markets for TPUs, one including using corn-extracted bio-based in making TPU bibs with Sweden customers for the Chinese market. The other practice is to use long fiber reinforced thermoplastic on the wind turbines, which would then protect the turbines from wind resistance, and prolong the life-cycle. The advantages are that the long fiber reinforced TPU has great tensile strength to withstand the wind resistance while being much lighter than metal, and the design could be highly accurate in fitting the turbines.


The final development for TPU will be in promoting engineering grade application: ISOTHANE 8000 are TPU engineering grades that appear to be property-suitable for extruder and injection molding applications. “We are expecting the increase adoption in electronics, automobile, hand tools, home appliance, medical gadgets, optical products, and so on” GRECO remarked.


GRECODuke Shih / Angie Lai

Tel: +886-4-2358-7676 Ext: 620


High-Precision Wire EDM Parts from Taiwan to The World – SUNRISE EDMTECH

Mission of SUNRISE is an understanding of the customers changing needs. Their wire EDM spare parts and components continues the tradition of Mr. Hong founded, with a manufacturer experience of more than 30 years.


The technology they introduced from Japan guarantees their products the highest quality. SUNRISE leads the advanced wire-cut materials industry through continuous technological developments and customized services.



As a world’s leading supplier of wire EDM parts and consumables, SUNRISE was founded by Mr. Hong in 1986. They concentrated on the research, development, production, sales and service of wire EDM machines parts and EDM drilling machines related parts. With products sold under their own brand name, SUNRISE-EDM to Europe, America, and Japan, they accumulate great skills through years of experience and open up better product awareness which leads to further cooperation with world-famous companies, making SUNRISE an important role in the global market.


SUNRISE Focused On Product Quality

For nearly 30 years, SUNRISE-EDM has been Taiwan foremost supplier of leading produce wire EDM spare parts. They stand out in the business division of measuring components, and test engineering with its in-depth expertise and decades of integration across a range of applications. SUNRISE develops and manufactures solutions to the highest quality standards and the aim of boosting their customers’ productivity with technology “Made in Taiwan”.


SUNRISE Always Puts Clients First

SUNRISE is a growth-oriented company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, their premise: you will find us wherever our customers are. We are always there wherever you need us.


Each of their products combines experience and expertise with an instinct for forward-looking solutions. A comprehensive service portfolio gives them an innovative edge and their customers the assurance of always receiving the best solution.


At SUNRISE, limits have always been pushed in order to make customer’s manufacturing more efficient, maximizing their productivity in an environment-friendly way. In order to be even more focused, skilled and closer to our customer needs.


To get more information about SUNRISE and wire EDM parts, welcome to check out SUNRISE’s website and feel free to contact them.



No.41, Xingbang Rd., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan (R.O.C)

TEL: +886-3-2709191

FAX: +886-3-2709229


Best Manufacturer for 5 Axis Rotary Table and Indexing Tables – Tanshing Accurate Industrial

Tanshing 5 Axis Rotary Tables

Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd. is a specialist in the design and manufacture of a wide range of CNC rotary tables and index tables. At Tanshing, they are dedicated to research and development and technological innovation continually.


From design, precision machining, to rigorous quality control, great care is taken to ensure an international quality level. Tanshing’s 5 axis rotary tables are widely recognized in both domestic and overseas markets.


The innovative dual lead worm drive system has been patented in Taiwan which is indisputable proof of the superior R&D capability of Tanshing. Tanshing has been certified by AQSR ISO-9001 (U.S.A.). In order to ensure very high precision parts, Tanshing has invested heavily in various advanced machining equipment. 90% of their in-house parts machining allows them to fully control the parts accuracy, which provides a solid foundation for the superior quality of Tanshing CNC rotary tables and index tables.


Tanshing has always dedicated itself to pursuing higher levels of technology. They are always looking to the future, to new challenges and to new levels of high technology.


If you have any interest in 5 axis rotary table and other high quality index tables, please do not miss Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd. Get more details, welcome to check out their website and feel free to contact with Tanshing.



Tanshing Accurate Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 1-1 Lane 165, Sec. 1, Tan-Shing RD., Tan-Tzu, Taichung 427, Taiwan

TEL: +886-4-2538-4978

FAX: +886-4-2538-4980


Best Hydraulic Pump Supplier in Taiwan – Anson Hydraulics Industrial Ltd.

Always Committed To Excellence Insisting On Quality


Established in 1984, ANSON Hydraulics Industrial Ltd. is a highly reputed hydraulic power units and hydraulic pump supplier in Taiwan. Since the company founded, ANSON has always followed its policy of “Technology upgrading, quality insistence, comprehensive service” they not only constantly pursue technological breakthroughs for developing new products, but also heavily invested in the most sophisticated machining equipment.


The wide range of precision machining equipment enabled them to machine the most parts in-house, so that ANSON can produce the parts to the desired accuracy, one example is they spent big capital for purchasing the most advanced JAPAN CNC multi-profile grinding machine; this is second to none among the competitors in TAIWAN.


In addition, ANSON fully equipped QC department also has a three dimensional measuring machine, which fully reflects ANSON’s instance on pursuing the best possible quality, based on the existing resources. ANSON always looks to the future and keeps moving in the pursuit of high level, and raise business structure to face the competition in the future.


A Dependable Brand Name in Hydraulic Pump Series Products

Over the years, ANSON has won full acknowledgement and high reputation for all customers in domestic and oversea. Such reputation results from their efforts in quality pursuance. Quality is the cornerstone of everything they do at ANSON. During manufacturing, in-process quality control is conducted throughout each stage. Each finished hydraulic vane pump is tested and inspected to meet the highest standards before shipment.


If you have any interest in hydraulic pump supplier, please do not miss ANSON hydraulics industrial ltd. Check out their website to find much more vane pumps!


Anson Hydraulics Industrial Ltd.

No.2, Wugong 2nd Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City 41353, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-2333 5286

Fax: 886-4-2333 5298

Hand Tool Manufacturers: Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Gives You Best Quality Hydraulic Hand Tools

Taiwan First Choice of Hand Tools Supplier


Tai Cheng is a professional hand tools manufacturer which specializing in manufacturing all types of hydraulic and manual tools for rescue & electric power industry. Its main products include punch tools, power pumps, compressed tools, cutting hand tool, pipe bending tools and hydraulic jacks and parts, etc.


Tai Cheng persists in qualities of products and controls strictly the producing processes. Its products have been trusted by many reputable local organizations such as CSBC Corporation, China Steel, JKS Airport, Chung-Shan Institute of Science, Formosa Plastics and Cheng Loong Corp., as well as over 30 countries worldwide.


By the way, Taiwan-based customers can choose to complete payments in Taiwan and pick up products in China. Parts and accessories are available through Tai Cheng customer service centers (or distributors) in every province and major cities.


Now, if you have any interest in hydraulic hand tools, please do not hesitate to come and visit Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd... And you will get your ideal hand tools at Tai Cheng.


Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd. (Hsinchu Headquarter)

No. 29, Lane 224, Niupu South Rd. Hsinchu City

TEL: 886-3-538-9756

FAX: 886-3-538-5824

Professional Tools for Mold Maker: Best Source of Mold Polishing Stones – Besdia

Established in 1980, Best Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which specializing in producing diamond and CBN tools. You can find a variety of products at Besdia, such as CBN grinding wheel, ceramic fiber stones, polishing stones, ultrasonic lapping machine, electroplated diamond cutters and much more.


The company maintains research and develops strength toward the development of better diamond and CBN tools. They design most suitable generic and customer tailored tools for mould / die lapping and polishing etc. Besides, they also maintain high product quality while keep prices competitive and insist to provide the best sales service for customers. Besdia has already become Taiwan’s important producer and supplier for grinding and lapping tools in year of 2000.


Below, I will present a popular product from Besdia – EDM & DF oil polishing stones.


EDM & DF Oil Polishing Stones

Besdia Polishing Stones


Besdia provides two types of polishing stones and they are suitable for different conditions:


  • EDM Series Polishing Stones are specially for removing the hard scale generated by the EDM process on all type of mold and die steels.


  • DF Series Polishing Stones are suitable for removing the machined surface scratch and general lapping & polishing all mold and die steels.



If you have any interest in polishing stones or other tools, welcome to visit Best Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd. and feel free to contact them at 886-2-8976-9341.


Besdia will keep high quality productions and high level services for you.



Best Diamond Ind. Co., Ltd.

4F, No. 10, Sec. 1, Chung Hsing Rd., Wugu Dist, New Taipei City, TAIWAN 24872

TEL: +886-2-8976-9341

FAX: +886-2-8976-9343


High Quality Air Tools and Hand Tools Manufacturer – Kspark International Ltd.

Where to Find The Best Air Hand Tools Supplier?


About this question, I recommend you a manufacturer – that’s Kspark International Ltd.


King Spark is a professional hand tools manufacturer in the industry. The company is famous on spray guns for automotive and carpentry industry. With almost twenty years of experience in this field, they have constantly contributed to research and development in order to keep air hand tools products competitive nature in terms of quality and performance.


The most reasonable prices for the top quality air tools products are King Spark ultimate goal. To achieve that, they imported advanced computer process equipment to control over product features with great precision. All their hand tools are ergonomic, safety, durable and cost effective. If you are looking for professional grade industrial hand tools, believe me, King Spark will be your best choice!


Main Products from King Spark:


Spray Gun:

  • Light and easy to operate; durable and suitable for use in processing automobile, wood construction, etc.
  • Balanced spray angle; delicate and perfect performance.
  • The spray outlet can load pressure of 3 kg without leaking paint.


Fastening Systems:

  • Special design for low noise low vibration.
  • Patented 360o adjustable air exhaust port.
  • Unique lock-on device: Switch locked automatically when unloaded.
  • Patented adjustment nut for single shot or bump fire operation.


Hand Tools:

  • Ergonomic handle design to provide comfort operation.
  • Use special alloy steel and heat-treated to provide durable use and professional operation.


Learn more information about Taiwan leading hand tools manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact with King Spark now!



Kspark International Ltd.

No.25, Alley 7, Lane 132, Jih-Fong Road, Wu-Fong, Taichung, Taiwan.

Tel: + 886 – 23309410 / 23306477 / 24968539

Fax: + 886 – 23306312 / 24968537


Recommend Linear Electric Actuator Manufacturers – Sun Yeh Electrical

Do You Know What Linear Actuators Are?


“A linear actuator is an actuator that creates motion in a straight line, in contrast to the circular motion of a conventional electric motor. Linear actuators are used in machine tools and industrial machinery, in computer peripherals such as disk drives and printers, in valves and dampers, and in many other places where linear motion is required. Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders inherently produce linear motion. Many other mechanisms are used to generate linear motion from a rotating motor.”

Wikipedia: Linear Actuator


Linear actuators are known by several different names including- Electric actuators, linear electric actuators, electric ram, electric lift ram, electric lift cylinders. These pieces of equipment are extremely useful as they can be powered by voltages as low as 12v, but even a 12v linear actuator is capable of generating a couple of hundred kilos of force.


Here, I recommend you a Taiwan linear electric actuator manufacturer – that’s Sun Yeh Electrical Ind. Co., Ltd.


Professional Linear Electric Actuator Supplier

Sun Yeh Electrical was founded in 1986. Since that moment it has been adhering to understand customer demand and expectations. Based on this principle, OM series, spring return fail-safe series, and linear series electric actuators have been developed and acquired patents in Taiwan, USA, and China with solid gearing structure.


Sun Yeh electric actuators fit with various types of valves which are widely applied to industrial technology. Moreover, its linear actuators are also suitable for irrigation, water treatment, HVAC, chemicals, food processing, mining, tunnel / metro ventilation, smoke extraction, food industry, environmental protection system, and so on.


Below, I will present you a Linear Electric Actuator from Sun Yeh.


Explosion Proof Linear Electric Actuator

Sun Yeh Linear Electric Actuator

Sun Yeh L series explosion proof linear electric actuators are designed to provide thrust force ranges from 250 kg-f to 2000kg-f. Standard with modulating control fits with globe valves and other linear motion devices (stroke length up to 50mm, 100mm) applied to HVAC and industrial automation, especially suitable for steam or high temperature employment such as boilers and heating system.


Manual override is equipped to provide fast manual positioning of the valve and a position indicator at drive stem area allows valve position identification. The stroke is adjustable to match with valve stem travel within rated length.


Now, Contact Sun Yeh For More Details!

If you want to get more information about linear electric actuator manufacturers and more linear actuators, please do not hesitate to send inquiry to Sun Yeh and let the company know your requirements.



Sun Yeh Electrical Ind. Co., Ltd.

No.68, Ln. 854, Sec. 1, Shatian Rd., Dadu Dist., Taichung City 432, Taiwan

TEL: +886-4-2698 5666

FAX: +886-4-2698 1258