What are Adapter Sleeves and Where to Find Them?

Do you know what adapter sleeves are? And where can you buy them? In this article, I will tell you the information about adapter sleeves.


What are Adapter Sleeves?


Adapter Sleeves are the more popular choice of sleeve as they enable bearings to be mounted on smooth shafts, they are easier to mount in comparison to a Withdrawal Sleeve and require no additional location on the shaft. Adapter Sleeves, which are supplied with a lock nut and locking washer, have a slotted design and an external taper.


Adapter Sleeves can be ordered in metric or imperial dimensions, or to a customized design. A hydraulic process also enables easy installation and removal. With this design, the adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves have oil grooves and oil ducts. As adapter sleeves are used as bearing accessories, their product codes are based on the system for coding bearings. The product codes for adapter sleeves with metric dimensions start with H, even if the bore is given in imperial dimensions. Adapter sleeves starting with SNW and SNP are only ever produced in imperial dimensions.


Well, Where to Buy High Quality Adapter Sleeves?


Here, I can recommend a manufacturer for you – that’s Chin Hsing Precision Industry Co., Ltd.



Established in 1990, Chen Hsing Precision Industry is a CS brand adapter sleeve exporter, a nice quality professional bearing adapter sleeve producer and supplying adapter sleeve to the whole world. Their products includes: adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, hydraulic adapter sleeves, hydraulic withdrawal sleeve, lock nuts, lock washers, etc.


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Professional Manufacturing of Adapter Sleeves

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