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Top-One Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional double column machine center manufacturer. Our commodities are sold to places all over the world. There are more than 100 members for service in footholds in Taiwan and Mainland China. Furthermore, we have marketing staff and service staff in many parts of the globe. In addition to the strong lineup, we have many kinds of accurate processing equipment in order to elevate the work efficiency and precision.


We have devoted our utmost efforts to becoming a world leading enterprise.  TOP-ONE Co., Ltd. is dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by supplying world-class quality products and services. We will develop as a sound company serving world customers, creating real value in the machining center field as a worldwide company. We have topics related to double column machining centers below. Please visit the rest of our website to find out more about double column machining center. We provide the best double column machining centers with high quality and competitive price. For more double column machining center information, please contact us.

No.1 Machine Tool Builder from Taiwan

Founded in 1954, Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd. started with making conventional lathes in Taiwan and now steadily supplies CNC lathes and machining centers by devoting her management to non-stop R&D and innovations. With more than 65% in-house manufacturing and her own foundry to offer highly reliable Meehanite® castings to further assure machine quality. All products are marketed globally under the brand names VICTOR or FORTUNE (in North America) which highlight her strong position as the leading machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan.

Insisting on Technology Innovations and Quality Superiority, Victor Taichung is continuously devoted to developing new generation of machine tools. Besides the existing Vturn range of Horizontal CNC slanted bed Lathes (from 6 to 24 chucks) and Vcenter range of vertical machining center (from 0.5 to 1.5 meter for X-axis travel), Victor Taichung has been focusing to develop high speed, high precision and more comprehensive machine tools. New lathe models Vturn-II series horizontal lathes and vertical lathes were launched since 2000 so as to offer high spindle speed and multi-function machines for competitive markets. Also more vertical and horizontal machine centers were introduced. The moving column machining center Vc-205 and horizontal machining center Vcenter-500/630/800 were all launched within the past three years to offer high spindle speed, upgrading performance, multi-function and turnkey solution for competitive markets.

To ensure marketing for the own products, Victor Taichung has invested considerably in setting up a global distribution network. As well as numerous agents around the world the Victor group has 8 technical support and distribution centers located in USA, England, France, Germany, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and China. These centers act not only to market our machines but also to provide our customers with an efficient after-sales service and technical support. In 2003, Victor Taichung celebrates her 50 anniversary and is greatly confident to meet the fierce challenge of machine tool market. To strive for perpetual development and technological innovations, Victor Taichung will keep on manufacturing modern machine tools with greater value added and creating prosperous future for the industry.

CNC Machining Center – Let’s Take a Closer Look

CNC is the acronym for Computer Numerical Controlled machine gadgets typically used in the machining services. These are typically favored in varied industries where some processes need to be done faster.

The main feature of these are to repeat processes hence the machining center designs tailor made programming for this. They perform repeated and extensive work which includes broaching, milling, turning, honing, etching, jig boring, drilling rather easy.

And if you need to replace your old lathe, press brakes, wood working or other machines with the new technology of the computer controlled machining gadget then this the best place to have the right bang for your dollars.

These machining tool has now become popular in a number of businesses and industries typically because they assure to provide rather convenience to the manufacturers. No matter if some performs only secondary operations like, anodizing, finishing, polishing, lapping and welding, still these are most sought after by the companies worldwide. The immense popularity of the Computer Numerical Controlled machine centers has thus also added a dimension to the way the machining centers carries out the job. The center is basically superb heavy duty cutter and comprises of a work-piece, the tool and the actual machine.

When selecting the CNC machining gadgets it is important to take a closer look into some of the important factors, like the speed, the capability and the capacity of the gadget; mostly, the diameter capacity of the machining gadgets range from 1 inch to 6 inches. The capability of these machines sets the tool’s ability in providing the machining services for an array of materials such as carbides, ceramics, cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminum.

In the internet world, the scope is rather broad to select CNC machining center online.

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