2016 Taiwan Machine Tool Show: The Biggest Tools, Measurement & Test Instruments Pavilion

Taiwan’s capability of metal processing is world-famous and precision measuring instrument is the mother of industry upgrading. TMTS gathers numerous tools, measurement & test instrument companies providing a variety of products, which satisfy the demand of professional technique, equipment and products from machinery equipment buyers.


TMTS 2016 will showcase with more than 700 companies and 4,000 booths. There are 8% increases in overall scale and exhibitor number respectively compared to the last show in 2014. TMTS establishes Tools, Measurement & Test Instruments Pavilion for the first time, occupied with 450 booths with 120 companies, which is the biggest Tools, Measurement & Test Instruments Pavilion in Taiwan machine tool shows.


The application of all kinds of technology materials changes rapidly. To overcome rising difficulty of workpiece processing, the key points of product selection include tools material, cutting efficiency, durability, precision and accuracy etc. Workpiece processing not only tests tools’ capability of R&D and manufacturing, but also challenges the limit of tools materials. In the machinery processing, the quality of tools influences the efficiency of processing and profits of industry. Besides the way of traditional manufacturing, there is new highlight to promote industry upgrade by the collaboration between the industry and the school, and technology transfer.


WU CARBIDE CORPORATION and LIAN YI CO., LTD., both focusing on R&D, develop new products regarding tools material and cutting efficiency. Taiwan local enterprises, such as TANSHING, SHIN-YAIN, BEST DIAMOND, TAIWAN ASAHI DIAMOND, HWA CHERNG DIAMOND, SPEED TIGER and YUANG HSIAN etc., and TAIHO TOOL from OSG group Japan, have continuously advanced the development of all kinds of materials and technologies, supplying products to machinery industry, high-tech industry, and even aerospace industry.


Except overseas companies, such as MARPOSS, MITUTOYO, and RENISHAW, Taiwan measurement & test Instrument companies are also well-known to the world. Taiwan local companies, such as ARCS PRECISION and HANN YAN PRECISION, established automatic testing system in use of precision measuring instrument, to reach multi-purpose of high speed automation, space saving, testing time cut down, testing quality improvement and cost saving.


More information about TMTS:http://www.tmts.tw


Contact Information

Company Name: Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association (TMBA)

Contact Person: Jolin Lin

Tel.: +886-4-2350-7583

Email: jolin.lin@tmba.org.tw

Website: http://www.tmts.tw

Professional Line Interactive UPS Manufacturer – Winfull

Founded in 2001, Winfull Technology Co., Ltd, a very professional manufacturer and exporter for

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
  • SMR (Switch Model Rectifier )
  • Battery Charger.
  • LED Light Products
  • Turnkey PCB Assembly Service
  • PCB SMT Assembly service
  • PCB Insertion Assembly Service.
  • Components and Parts Sourcing & Purchasing Service.
  • Metalwork and Plastic Parts Service.
  • PCB Service From 1 Side to 32 Layers


Some other power products and communication power products. Our products have been exported to Asia, Europe, American, Africa, etc….all the products are reputed and very high quality in the market.
Winfull established the advanced management system ISO 9001 already; we have a high quality control program for all the products. We also have more than 9 years of experience working in OEM/ODM projects. With a strong Research and Development team, internal automated Quality Control equipment and high manufacturing capability, as well as in-depth knowledge of customer requirements, we have become one of the favorites OEM/OED suppliers in the Inverter/UPS/AVR market.


Winfull products include back up UPS, line interactive UPS, on-line UPS, telecommunication power inverter, battery charger and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) etc. including a full range of models from 500VA~400KVA. We offer you not only a simple product, but also the best power & reliable products, and they are the best choice for your equipment. Now we are developing the energy saving LED Spotlights, the LED bulb E26/E27 and MR 16 at 10W.13W/16W are available now.

Winfull will offer you best products and service, we guarantee your total satisfaction; ensure quality, environmental friendliness, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability at an economical cost. We welcome any valued comments to improve and to satisfy and meet our client’s quality demands step by step.

Winfull also owns very rich experience for PCB and PCB Assembly, if you want to know more about us, we invite you to view our website and E-mail to us, and it would be our pleasure to offer you the best service.

More UPS series products…

BJTEK– Taiwan Experienced GPS Antenna Manufacturer

BJTEK Navigation, INC correlation personnel invest the GPS industry from 1998 until now to accumulate the quite long time and the experience.


Mr. Lotus-Hsieh has established BJTEK since 2006, deeply the Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Brazil, Canada, US, Turkey, Israel — and so on the customer is supported and the loving care lets growth which BJTEK can continue.


BJTEK Navigation, INC. Emphatically to the GPS satellite positioning navigation correlation product research and development production, may depend on the customer demand to give the OEM/ODM service, at present has produced the ship with/the vehicle with the GPS antenna and the receiver, the GPS antenna module and the receiver module, the GPS/GSM/3G antenna, GPS receiver, outside various types GSM meets the antenna and in constructs the type GSM/GPRS antenna module design, the BTGPS data logger, GPS/GMS/GPRS tracker, GPS automobile navigation, Bluetooth GPS receiver, GPS satellite clock, the ship uses the VHF/UHF antenna, GPS/VHF with/the vehicle the double frequency antenna and 2.4G/5.8G antenna and each kind of high frequency coaxial cable line and the attachment designs Che Chih and so on.


BJTEK GPS antennas include GPS external antenna, GPS internal Antenna, GPS receiver, GPS data logger, GPS whip antenna, GPS engine board, GPS/GSM/GPRS tracker and GPS time receivers.


Global positioning system antennas of BJTEK are quite compatible with almost every GPS receiver model available on the market and provide a perfect alternative for a vast range of GPS applications in the fields of AVL, vehicle navigation, aviation and military. We provide the best GPS antennas with high quality and competitive price. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Leading Manufacturer of PA Amplifier

HYLEX’s pa amplifier products are hard-wearing and reliable because they have to be able to work without interruption in aggressive environments. HYLEX has a wide range of mono pa amplifier (public address amplifier) models from 10 watts to 300 watts, we can offer most suitable Public address amplifier model depending on the size of audio broadcasting environment or area.


With the innovation, our new designed of Interchangeable pa amplifier system combines different purposes of previous amplifier models. In which only consist of power amplifiers are the standard models among the pa series. However, people with different demands have several selections which can fit their requirements by choosing different models from these pa amplifier series.


The exceptional price/ performance ratio of this pa amplifier series is very competitive that made it popular with users. With the exceptional quality, Hylex believes that our products will meet your expectation! If you have further question about Hylex’s pa amplifiers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Color Magnet Sheets

Jasdi’s magnet sheets for printing are permanent flexible magnetic sheeting laminated with vinyl or paper. Printable magnetic sheet is very good media for disseminate message. You can stick our magnetic sheets on any metal surfaces.


Our magnet sheets are usually applied for living stuffs, such as advertising signals, car signage, craft magnets, photo frames, business cards, refrigerator posts, decorative sticks. It’s easy to stick, remove, and stick again. You may like to use Post-it as a reminder, and even better you can try more durable magnetic Post-it, magnet sheets, which can be printed like a paper.


JASDI’s colored magnetic sheets support a full magnetic printing solution for you, including, screen printing, wide format printable sheets, offset Printing, Desktop, Pre kiss-cut papers. Details are shown below.


We offer all of our magnet sheets with standard and custom size in order to meet customer’s specific process requirements.

Introduction to the Unmanned Aircraft System Manufacturer

Carbon-Based Technology, Inc. was established in March 2007 and devoted in complete system design, integration, manufacturing, and global marketing of Unmanned Aircraft System.


We not only can offer high reliability Unmanned Aircraft Systems as a platform for “Intelligence Gathering”, but also can offer total solutions for various aspects. Through this Hi-tech and Hi-reliability UAS platform which is 100% researched & developed in-house, it can integrate with techniques of data processing and analyzing for relative study fields such as GIS and Remote Sensing, Team Carbon-based can offer our clients with totally intact and useful intelligence on the ground as well as in the air. Especially for fields of anti-disaster and geographic spatial application, we have assisted clients from various professions to acquire priceless feedbacks. This also has proved core values of Unmanned Aircraft Systems of Carbon-based Technology!


Our well experienced team will continuously strive for perfection and keep improving our designs and systems for state-of-the-art advance technology for meeting market demands.

DC/AC Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter

Established in 1999, Power Master is a young and rapidly growing company within dc ac power inverter, ac dc battery charger and ups industry.
We specialize in dc ac power inverters, solar inverters, inverters with built in battery charger, on line & off line ups, and design three stage battery chargers.
With a global reach of many distributors worldwide, Power Master stands firms as one of the dc ac power inverter’s market leaders.
The company with industry integration expertise provides professional solution to accommodate customers’ specific needs in home and office appliances, mobile applications, marine, solar power applications, wind power, electronic equipment, and various applications.

Rackmount Chassis

JOYANCE Company is a leading manufacturer which specializes in industrial rackmount chassis and rackmount enclosure applications. JOYANCE has been manufacturing rackmount server chassis peripherals products, items including 19″ rackmount chassis, rack mount chassis case, rackmount computer chassis, 1u, 2u, 3u, 4u rack mount chassis, 5u rack mount chassis, rackmount chassis enclosures, keyboard drawers and wall mount chassis since 1979. Now, we are a leading supplier in the IT industry. Through OEM/ODM projects, we have accumulated our production capabilities to serve international clients. Our prompt after-sales services have won us credibility from customers worldwide. All of our rackmount chassis are complied with various international standards, such as CE. Please do not feel hesitated to contact us for more details.

Digital Signage Software to Know

EAGO VISION provides customizable mounting system and display monitors with content management software; a complete and unique solution for your request!


Our pro video wall solution is a “Digital Signage Software” with complete Hardware that allows users to create unique video walls and amazing effects for their own video wall displays.


Please check with us to gain more insight what our digital signage softwares can do. If you have question or need technical support, please feel free to contact us.

How to Find the Right Video Wall for the Right Application

For business owners, creating an indelible first impression is critical to establishing their brand and starting the process to convert random passersby or potential clients into paying customers. Technology plays a big role in that impression and conversion process, but many business owners and managers are unsure of the best ways to implement technology into that process. Instead, they rely on static messaging – like a typical advertisement or static display – and individual contact from a representative of the company. While those old standby methods have their place, the simple fact is that any company not leading with a strong and distinct technological presence is leaving a big chunk of business behind.

That means finding a reliable and user-friendly way of integrating technology is a must. In the age of readily available and inexpensive high definition displays, the easiest answer is to put up a 1080p screen with some unique imagery and advertising content. But think about this: if one screen is good, aren’t more screens better? The answer here, of course, is yes. But the barrier of finding usable and easy-to-manage video installations becomes even more daunting than before when more screens are involved. Finding a solution that allows for simple content management through hardware – with no software, separate dedicated computers, or drivers required – is key.

What these businesses desperately need is a video wall solution. Now, that may sound a bit overwhelming, and with the wrong product, it can be. But new developments in video wall controllers are giving end users, even those who don’t have any experience with this kind of technology, the perfect option when looking to create and manage video wall solutions.

A video wall solution can be anywhere from four screens (a 2×2 configuration) to dozens and dozens of screens, depending on the application and venue. For businesses looking for more of an entry-level video wall controller, a four-screen environment should be plenty. With the right screens and some quality content, a 2×2 video wall will make for a dynamic addition to any business or store without overwhelming its audience or the person in charge of managing the display.

In particular, hardware-only solution are designed for a plug-and-play user experience. Simply plug in the input sources and HD screens to the controller, select the best configuration for the content, and it’s ready to go. For businesses searching for a leg up on their competition, a great video wall solution is the way to go.

To find an engaging and aggressively-priced video wall controller, SmartAVI offers a number of customizable options. The California-based company released the new 4K-Wall this month, which provides the utmost in control and enticing imagery for video walls.

Find out more about the 4K-Wall at http://www.smartavi.com/products/video-wall/video-wall/4k-wall.html or visit http://www.smartAVI.com to learn about all of the quality, professional audio and video products offered by SmartAVI.

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