Biometric Access Control – 10 Reasons You Need It

Maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading your security, or have experienced employee fraud or theft. Here are 10 reasons why Biometric Access Control is the right sort of security for you.

1. A determined intruder can gain access to the premises or data by stealing an ID card, or a PIN number. By using Biometrics, the person actually has to be there.

2. Biometric access control means that there are no additional ID cards to carry or pin numbers to remember. For some companies and departments, there might be door lock numbers to remember for each room they enter into. This can lead to a lot of numbers to remember.

3. Contrary to popular belief, Biometrics is not just for protecting valuable stock, or for matters of national importance.

4. As well as fingerprints, iris, retina, vein, face, and hand can all be used for identification and authorisation purposes. Depending on your requirements you might choose iris recognition instead of fingerprints, as you know your staff have to wear gloves, or will be carrying items around.

5. Biometrics isn’t just for airports or government applications. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small office, a factory or an airport, you can benefit from using biometric access control as part of your security system.

6. Biometric access control can be used for highly effective time and attendance purposes. By implementing this technology, you will be able to see an end of people fraudulently “clocking on” for colleagues, or using somebody else’s PIN number or ID card to gain access to a restricted area, or perhaps somewhere they shouldn’t be able to access.

7. This technology is highly accurate, and is similar to DNA in that the likelihood of duplicate biometric information is very remote. This means that you can be certain that if there is a suspected breach of security, it is likely to be genuine.

8. There is an easy to follow audit trail, so you can say with confidence who tried to access where, and when. It could be somebody trying to get into a restricted area, or somebody trying to log on to a computer after hours.

9. Using biometrics dramatically improves security, and as staff and potential intruders are no longer to use each other’s cards or PIN numbers.

10. Biometric access control systems are extremely accurate, versatile and cost effective. They represent excellent value for money, and no matter whether you need a whole new security system for an airport, or a manufacturing company, or you want to introduce a single fingerprint reader so that staff can access your building, you’ll find that biometric access control is the answer.

Now you know more about Biometric Access Control, isn’t it time you implemented it as part of your security system?

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