Embroidery Patches In The Modern World

Embroidery pattern have been around for quite a while. For the past decades, embroidery has mainly been used in uniforms. School logos can be seen on the breast pockets of several schools all over the country.

American soldiers also have different embroidery on their uniforms. There are also many corporations that require their employees to wear uniforms with embroidery pattern displaying the company’s logo.

In more recent times though, embroidery are being used for other purposes other than uniforms. If you have ever seen a race car driver on the track, you will have noticed the colorful embroidery on his jacket. These are actually the logos of his sponsor companies, who have found out that embroidery patches are a great way to market their company in a stylish manner.

If you go to a garments store, you can even find several different kinds of embroidery patches that anyone can attach to their own clothes as a fashion accessory. There are now many different kinds of embroidery patch designs to suit all kinds of personalities and fashion tastes. You can have your pick from girly designs like pink hearts and roses to more rebellious images like skulls.

The nice thing about embroidery patch is you can easily sew them on and take them off when you get tired of the design. If you have a denim jacket, you can easily change your look simply by sewing on a new set of embroidery on it. It is also practical to keep some extra embroidery pattern for different looks since they do not cost much at all.

While jackets and shirts are the most common locations of embroidery, you can also attach them to other pieces of clothing. In fact, the next time you are on a busy street or on the mall, you might notice that several people are actually sporting embroidery on their jeans, their caps, or even their bags.

Traditionally, embroidery patches were attached by using stitches around the edges called merrowing. Although this method is still widely used today, there are also some kinds of embroidery patches that can be stuck to material without the use of a needle and thread.

The backs of these patches are sensitive to heat and all you need to do is iron them onto whatever garment you wish to embellish and they will be permanently attached. It is definitely more convenient, but the downside to this is that you won’t be able to remove the patch even after you get bored with it.

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