A Leading Industrial Valve Manufacturer

Set up in 1997, NICO Valves Corp. is a leading industrial valve manufacturer in Taiwan and China and has been exporting this line of products for more than 10 years to Japan, U.K, Spain, Italy and other nations all over the world.


We have full qualification for manufacturing widest kind of industrial valves in all common sizes & customized sizes, and available in ANSI, JIS standards. Its product include: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, and y-strainer. With our outstanding quality, it has gained 3 kinds of International Certifications like ISO-9001, CE-H MODEL, and API-6D.


Our gate valves carry series of cast steel gate valve, cast stainless steel gate, valve forged steel gate valve, and forged stainless steel gate valve.


With our professional knowledge regarding gate valve and positive attitude towards our worldwide customers, contact us to discuss more about gate valve inquiry.

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