Taiwan Dyeing & Fabric Co., Ltd. for Your Industrial Fabric Solutions

Established in 1993, Taiwan Dyeing & Fabric Co., Ltd. (TDF) is a manufacturer & exporter for industrial fabrics. We are located in the industrial park of Northern Taiwan. Our factory is 11,000 square meters in size.


TDF business philosophy is to create a long-term value for our clients and the society as a whole. TDF is mindful in its dealings with people and the environment. We use all natural material in the manufacturing of our industrial fabrics. The water used in fabric dyeing process comes from Syue Mountain and the water repellency chemical is extracted from the fluorite rock. We always think of the environment when we take from the land. When TDF factory started running in 1993, we built develop and build equipment to recycle water and we upgrade this equipment on an annual basis. In 1998, we added one more piece of biological waste water recycling equipment. As of today, the water utilized in the fabric dyeing process is 80% recycled. We have also built air cleaning equipment for our dye plants heat setting process and we are proud of TDF be a member of plastic industry. TDF protects the land also.

TDF is a family business involving 200 “relatives”. Our team shares common values and a lively team spirit. Each team member at our mill is cross-trained and can work on many different machines. TDF is proud to be open-minded, inquisitive and innovative. We think and act differently than the other mills in our industry.
TDF is pressing forward and we drive by our passion for industrial fabric, love of life and an unbridled motivation to deliver high quality textiles worldwide. We are balanced by an inner peacefulness, a casual approach to business and a steady patience. We believe where there’s a will, there is also a way.
TDF keeps relationships with clients close and accessible. We price ourselves on being fair and honest. This makes TDF much more than just a supplier for global trade; it makes us your partner in global trade. We offer high volume availability, an elaborate range of fabrics and above all, we create a long-term value for our clients and the society as a whole.

TDF manufactures textiles according to most stringent standards, and we feel we are an excellent match for our target groups. Excellent in terms of both price and performance.

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