GRECO 2018 – ISOTHANE TPU Allowing Prospects of Eco-Friendly and Light Weight Options

In the category of TPU resins, GRECO has released products that could replace rubber used in outsoles for footwear manufacturing. “The purpose for TPU replacing traditional raw materials is to on one hand expand eco-solutions, and the other reduce processing time while improve the actual performances of the end-production” Greco explained. Other replacement includes the introduction of ISOTHANE Calendar Sries. ISOTHANE Calendar replaces PVC in making synthetic leathers. The primary advantage is that the finish would increase the abrasive resistant level as well as flame resistant capacity.


ISOTHANE 7000 Series Aliphatic Grade is another refined series that has non-yellowing features, low temperature flexibility and excellent resilience property. These new features will lead the way of numerous practical uses for TPUs, such as the protection films of automobiles.


GRECO emphasized their future development roadmap for TPU would be in polishing the R&D in expanded-TPU. The goal is to make expanded-TPU into pellets and let them expand through microcellular process, which would be applicable for injection machines to produce environmentally friendly foam TPU. Foam TPU has the resilience over 60% while it maintains flexibility in low temperature. “This product will be extremely beneficial for light-weight solutions and applications in the energy industry” GRECO indicated.


More pioneering projects are being tested between GRECO and their customers. In 2017 GRECO explored new markets for TPUs, one including using corn-extracted bio-based in making TPU bibs with Sweden customers for the Chinese market. The other practice is to use long fiber reinforced thermoplastic on the wind turbines, which would then protect the turbines from wind resistance, and prolong the life-cycle. The advantages are that the long fiber reinforced TPU has great tensile strength to withstand the wind resistance while being much lighter than metal, and the design could be highly accurate in fitting the turbines.


The final development for TPU will be in promoting engineering grade application: ISOTHANE 8000 are TPU engineering grades that appear to be property-suitable for extruder and injection molding applications. “We are expecting the increase adoption in electronics, automobile, hand tools, home appliance, medical gadgets, optical products, and so on” GRECO remarked.


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High-Precision Wire EDM Parts from Taiwan to The World – SUNRISE EDMTECH

Mission of SUNRISE is an understanding of the customers changing needs. Their wire EDM spare parts and components continues the tradition of Mr. Hong founded, with a manufacturer experience of more than 30 years.


The technology they introduced from Japan guarantees their products the highest quality. SUNRISE leads the advanced wire-cut materials industry through continuous technological developments and customized services.



As a world’s leading supplier of wire EDM parts and consumables, SUNRISE was founded by Mr. Hong in 1986. They concentrated on the research, development, production, sales and service of wire EDM machines parts and EDM drilling machines related parts. With products sold under their own brand name, SUNRISE-EDM to Europe, America, and Japan, they accumulate great skills through years of experience and open up better product awareness which leads to further cooperation with world-famous companies, making SUNRISE an important role in the global market.


SUNRISE Focused On Product Quality

For nearly 30 years, SUNRISE-EDM has been Taiwan foremost supplier of leading produce wire EDM spare parts. They stand out in the business division of measuring components, and test engineering with its in-depth expertise and decades of integration across a range of applications. SUNRISE develops and manufactures solutions to the highest quality standards and the aim of boosting their customers’ productivity with technology “Made in Taiwan”.


SUNRISE Always Puts Clients First

SUNRISE is a growth-oriented company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, their premise: you will find us wherever our customers are. We are always there wherever you need us.


Each of their products combines experience and expertise with an instinct for forward-looking solutions. A comprehensive service portfolio gives them an innovative edge and their customers the assurance of always receiving the best solution.


At SUNRISE, limits have always been pushed in order to make customer’s manufacturing more efficient, maximizing their productivity in an environment-friendly way. In order to be even more focused, skilled and closer to our customer needs.


To get more information about SUNRISE and wire EDM parts, welcome to check out SUNRISE’s website and feel free to contact them.



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