Planetary Reducer Solution

Jia Cheng manufactures planetary reducer that were specifically developed for use with state-of-the-art technology, providing tight integration of the motor to the unit. Our precision planetary reducers (planetary gearboxes) provide a number of advantages, such as in servo control applications, good mechanical rigidity, accurate and precise positioning, in operation with low institutional backlash, high efficiency, high input torque, smooth operation, low-noise and other features applying in conveyor drives, winch drives, mixers, swing drives, wheel drives, augers and numerous other types of applications.


Our planetary gearbox is widely used in semiconductor devices, TFT-LCD optoelectronic devices, industrial automation equipment, industrial robot equipment, and all kinds of packaging equipment. Jia Cheng serves our OEM’s and End-User Customers through a broad network of Distributors that provide local service or you may contact Jia Cheng directly contact us. We also customize planetary reducer products to meet the design requirements of our customers.

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